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Nano Brows

Nano brows (also known as nano hybrid, nanoblading) is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique that is applied using a machine to enhance the brows. By using the machine, the most realistic and custom brow can be created with individual hairstrokes.

nano brows tempe az

One of the most important features of Nano, is that because it uses a machine as opposed to a manual tool, it works on many different types of skin, such as oily skin or more mature skin, even in some cases, skin with previous permanent makeup!

Nano is a very versatile method of cosmetic tattooing. Styles can range from all hair strokes to a combination of hair strokes with shading in sparse areas, to a bold “makeup” brow. Soft shading can be easily layered to mimic density and fuller brows. Deseyener is known for providing some of the best nano brow services near the Mesa and Tempe, AZ areas.

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