Do you want to start a new career or take your permanent makeup skills to the next level? Our comprehensive training program for lip blush is on a whole new level. DESEYENER Academy will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to offer your clients unique experiences and results using European techniques. With our PMU course, you'll gain expertise in the latest 'Sexy Lips' technique that's taking the beauty industry by storm.
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“SEXY LIPS” Lip Blushe

In this course, you will master the latest techniques and receive hands-on practice in the fast-growing lip blush industry. Our two-day program, crafted by Anna Timonina, an experienced professional with over 8+ years of experience working with diverse skin types, combines top techniques from the world's leading trainers.

We provide both theoretical and hands-on training to ensure that you have all the skills required to achieve your professional goals. At Deseyenee Academy, you will be on a career path with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you have received the highest quality education and training to succeed.

This class is for you if you want...

  • Mentorship, not just another class. Learn the Best Technique: Our permanent makeup class teaches the Russian secret technique, known to be the best on the market. With this technique, you can achieve a natural, enhanced lip shape and color through a soft application.
  • Ongoing support. We know how important it is after the class to have a mentor by you to help you grow and succeed.
  • Become a Professional: Our class is specially designed to give you the understanding and knowledge needed to perform lip enhancement treatments like any professional and well-trusted permanent makeup artist. After attending this class, you will be able to establish yourself as an expert in the field and offer top-notch services to your clients.

Meet Your Instructor

Educator of class for lash and permanent makeup artists. Creator of her own line of products for lash artists.

Participant and judge of international beauty conferences. Opened her own studio.
Winner of nomination
Successful students all over US
1000 students
Helped open successful
128 pmu business
PMU artist experience
8 years
More about Anna
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Get Ready To Produce Results Like These!

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During the course you will learn

History of permanent make up
Skin anatomy
Skin contraindications
Safety protocol for micropigmentation procedure
Allergic reactions, complications & side effects
Disinfection & sanitization
Color theory
Needle configuration

Sneak peek to our courses

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How much does it cost?

course price - $3200

private class - $4000
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We Offer Financing!

By utilizing Cherry you can finance your course for up to 24 months. It does not affect your credit to apply. Credit scores as low as 500 are accepted!
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Client of Store
Thank you so much again! I could not have picked a better trainer I learned so much.
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Client of Store
Omg! It is been over a year now and I am really starting to flourish, I can not thank you enough for the class honestly, it made me really thorough with my work. I still take everything you told me and hear it when I am doing lips.
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Client of Store
At my weekend in Salt Lake City was taking DESEYENER lip blush class in “sexy lips technique”. It was an amazing experience! Can not wait to start booking these services!!! I feel totally powerful after the class! I did the brows before but love lips so much more
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Client of Store
After the class, I felt comfortable charging right away 575$ for my first 10 clients! I am a lash artist and have so many clients who trust me with this treatment! After the 10th client, I start to charge 800$ and love the dates when I have lips! As it makes my day so easy and fast I can only do 1 client and make what I use to make for 3 lash clients! I am so glad I added this to my service list! The best part of the class was color theory and such a deep explanation of technique!
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Client of Store
Here come tears again. This class was so rewarding. I am excited and eager to implement everything you taught in my business. 10/10 recommend this class to anyone looking to take their permanent makeup skills to the next level. Thank you, Anna


  • Do I need to have any specific license for it?

    In the State of Arizona, a Valid Tattoo License is not required. If you are traveling from another state, take our Certificate of Attendance as required by your state
  • Will I need to continue my education?

    Though the state does not require continuing education, it is highly recommended that you continue your education to ensure your clients get the best possible results.
  • Will I have support after the class?

    Yes, of course! Support after classes is fully provided because at DESEYENER ACADEMY we care about achieving results.
  • How much can I start charging right after a training?

    We recommend beginners start at $400-500 and as your skill level grows, increase prices to $700-1000 when you feel comfortable.
  • How much can I expect to earn each year?

    The average income of a PMU or lash artists is $65,000/year, the highest paid earn $100,000/year plus!
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