Russian volume perfect line

Are you ready to take your lash game to the next level? With Anna Timonina's mentorship training and group classes, you can learn the latest Russian volume techniques and transform your skills. Whether you're looking to improve your lash mapping, retention, marketing, or all of the above, Anna has the expertise to help you succeed. Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost your income and become a lash superstar. Sign up today!
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Russian volume perfect line

Are you ready to rock-n-roll your lashes game and start charging your worth? Say goodbye to old way of thinking and get ready to blow your mind with new way of mapping, layering and full voluminous lashes with the Russian volume perfect line technique! Designed for lash artists of all levels, our 2-day foundational class will empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to elevate your craft and take your career to a new level.

Anna Timonina, owner of the business, combines her 10 years of experience working with multiple techniques learned from worldwide trainings. Get ready to rock the lashes world and have your clients line up for your services. Your perfect lash journey starts here. Join us at DESYEENER and take the first step today!

Why is this class right for you?

If you want mentorship and not just another class, Anna, originally from Russia, she teach you true Russian volume technique. This will help you distinguish yourself from your competitors, build strong bonds with existing clients, and attract new loyal customers who are willing to pay any amount of money.
If you want to cover topics such as advanced mapping and lash designs, creating customized lash looks, layering, advanced placement techniques for volume lashes, and perfecting lash isolation skills. Additionally, you will learn about advanced adhesive selection, eyelash health, and safety protocols.
If you want to learn entrepreneurial skills, advanced marketing and business strategies, then this class is perfect for you. As a student, you will discover how to market yourself as an expert in the field, take stunning photographs, and run a successful lash business. You will also learn the art of client relations, pricing, and scheduling.

Get to know Anna

Hey there! My name is Anna and I have been in the lash industry for over a decade. Since 2013, I have traveled the globe and trained with the best to become a true master in my field. Building a thriving six-figure business right in the heart of New York City was exhilarating, but I quickly realized my true passion was inspiring and teaching other artists to achieve the same level of success.

I am dedicated to my career, helping entrepreneurs in the beauty industry and I absolutely love what I do. It is a true joy to help others succeed and grow. In my training, I do more than just teach you technique, I also give you a mindset for success.
Working in a beauty industry
10 years
Teaching experience
5 years
Judge of the competition
20 contests
Speaker of the year award
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Training program

Module 1 Introduction to Lash Extensions
  • Introduction to the lash extension industry
  • Types of lash extensions and their benefits
  • Anatomy of the eyelash
  • Safety measures to be taken when performing lash extensions
  • Eye conditions and allergy.
Module 2 Products and Tools Used for Lash Extensions
  • Secrets of long retention
  • How lashes made
  • Understanding the chemistry of adhesive and how to work with it in any environment
  • Types of lash extensions and their features
  • Types of glue and their characteristics
  • 8 types of cyanoacrylate
  • Lash extension tools and their uses
Module 3 Lash Extension Techniques
  • In-depth mapping and facial study
  • Working with layers
  • Layers and how to work with layers( horizontal and vertical)
  • Wrapping technique
  • Isolation and placement techniques to speed up your set
Module 4 Russian Volume
  • Secret of a perfect line
  • Three techniques of working with layers
  • Secrets of mixing curls
  • Different methods to create a mapping for every client without mapping
  • Creative styling
  • Colored lashes
  • Handmade volume fans from 2D-8D
Module 5 Mastering Lash Correction and Removal
  • Types of lash correction and when to recommend them
  • Techniques for lash correction
  • Understand different types of lash removal
  • Safe removal of lashes while minimizing damage to natural lashes
Module 6 Business Management
  • Creating client relationships
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Revenue generation strategies
  • Appointment scheduling and tracking
  • Photography
Module 7 2nd day Practical Skills
  • Hands-on practice of lash extension techniques
  • Picking up the right extension length and thickness
  • Mapping and styling techniques
  • Isolation and placement techniques
  • Lash correction

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How much this training costs?

Course Price $3200 *PRIVATE CLASS 4000$
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NOVEMBER 1TH - 3TH, 2022

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By utilizing Cherry you can finance your course for up to 24 months. It does not affect your credit to apply. Credit scores as low as 500 are accepted!
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What Our Students Say

Lashes extention student
Hello, my name is Lana and I came for a Russian volume class with Anna and I honestly loved the class I learned a lot I definitely learned what I came for I wanted to make perfect fans and perfect lash line and I think the results were achieved definitely will be coming for more
Lashes extention сourse student
Hi, I'm Stacy
I heard about this class from Asheville Lash Company and decided to sign up. And I am so excited that I got to learn from Anna herself She has completely taught me how to do Russian volume lashes It's my first time doing it!! So, I'm glad I learned from her because she has the best technique!! the most beautiful lashes and I’m really grateful for you, Anna. Thank you!
Lashes extention student
Hi! I'm Elizabeth I heard about this class from a new friend and signed up on a whim and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it I have challenged myself I have learned new techniques, changed the style literally took me back to basics and have changed the way that I will now lash in the future and I am forever grateful to Anna and.. Asheville lash-company.
Russian volume course
Hi! My name is Veronica Well, first of all the class I was looking forward to it ever since first signed up and it was honestly the biggest pleasure of meeting Anna herself land then learning her techniques and then on top of that Crystallizing... And then learning the perfect line the perfect Russian volume So yeah, that was awesome!
Russian volume course
I feel so good it's amazing what we learned in just one day It's you know such a great experience and everything I love it I love the fact that we started with classic we're working on 2D up to 3D and you know it's such a great experience It's awesome!!!
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