Anna Timonina
Educator, speaker and founder of DESEYENER.

Anna Timonina

My mission

Educate and create the best instruments for beauty professionals. As a pioneer in beauty industry I’ve been providing products, classes and outgoing support for the beauty industry community
Anna Timonina
Anna Timonina

Anna Timonina

Founder of DESEYENER brand and academy

Hi, I’m Anna! I’ve been in a beauty industry since 2013. I started as a struggling lash artist who made $40 per service, building up to $20,000 per month as the salon owner. I’ve established myself as the most successful and well-known beauty Master in lash and PMU community. After going through this journey I realized that my passion is to help and teach others how to implement all the instruments I’ve collected so they can avoid mistakes, get faster results and achieve their success.

Today I am metoring artists so together we can change the beauty standards around the world.

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Welcome to “The House Of Beauty” where lash and PMU artists will find the most desirable and most satisfying quality of products. Created by artist for other artists, DESEYENER store offering variety of hand-tested tweezers, unique maniques, butter-fan lashes, along with top PMU pigments and materials.

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trained with DESEYENER?

If you want mentorship and not “another regular course”, choose to train with DESEYENER. We have created proven programs, mentorship courses, online and in-person classes that will cover every step of your journey from starting a new career, improving the quality of your services, so you can raise your check and get fully booked, or even become a trainer or salon owner.


Lash trainer in the box course
So when I first thought about teaching lashes, I didn’t even know where to start and that was my main focus was that I wanted to take a course that showed me how to tell somebody this is your first step and this is how you get to being a great lash artist.
Lashes extention student
Hello, my name is Lana and I came for a Russian volume class with Anna and I honestly loved the class I learned a lot I definitely learned what I came for I wanted to make perfect fans and perfect lash line and I think the results were achieved definitely will be coming for more
Lashes extention сourse student
Hi, I'm Stacy
I heard about this class from Asheville Lash Company and decided to sign up. And I am so excited that I got to learn from Anna herself She has completely taught me how to do Russian volume lashes It's my first time doing it!! So, I'm glad I learned from her because she has the best technique!! the most beautiful lashes and I’m really grateful for you, Anna. Thank you!
Lashes extention student
Hi! I'm Elizabeth I heard about this class from a new friend and signed up on a whim and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it I have challenged myself I have learned new techniques, changed the style literally took me back to basics and have changed the way that I will now lash in the future and I am forever grateful to Anna and.. Asheville lash-company.
Powder Brows Course student
Yay! I'm excited so the class was amazing I honestly was a little nervous At first that I wasn't going to understand it and I was going to be super confused but everything was explained very well and it was fun and not boring and I had amazing time Anna is an amazing teacher and fun I'm just excited to start my new journey yeah my new journey with all everything At first learning anything is kind of a struggle but I feel like I'm gonna be great going off on my own. Yay!
Russian volume course
Hi! My name is Veronica Well, first of all the class I was looking forward to it ever since first signed up and it was honestly the biggest pleasure of meeting Anna herself land then learning her techniques and then on top of that Crystallizing... And then learning the perfect line the perfect Russian volume So yeah, that was awesome!
Lip Blush and Powder Brows course
The class was amazing! I got really great 1 on 1 attention!!
That was awesome. l loved all Anna's attention to detail and also the way she learned my learning style.
So she customized my training to my learning style and that was really helpful.
We had fun.
I loved that she looked at everything from so many different ways and viewpoints.
Already want to take more of her classes because I love the way that she teaches.
Creative Badass and Lip Class student
Hey! My name is Melissa Black
and I just came off of three days spent with Anna
I took the BADASS photography class and the lip class and I'm telling you it was worth every penny
if you're looking for a class that you want to learn photography or pmu lips. Anna is definitely your girl.
Lip Blush Course student
So I took Anna's class for lip blushing and it was amazing, it was so detailed Because Anna's detailed.
She vibes on a wavelength that inspires me
because I want to vibe on the same wavelength as her, and after the class, I definitely feel comfortable about doing it.
I just love like the attention to detail that we spent in the class
Lip Blush and Powder Brows course
I just have trained by Anna for lip and brows and I feel so confident? And I feel like I can get ready to do brows and lips tomorrow! If you guys are nervous or you don't know "where to go?" you don't know who you're gonna learn from definitely highly recommend Anna! And where you have problems you need help with, all you need to do: just write a list or some questions that you want to know Come to Anna and she will answer all your questions
Russian volume course
I feel so good it's amazing what we learned in just one day It's you know such a great experience and everything I love it I love the fact that we started with classic we're working on 2D up to 3D and you know it's such a great experience It's awesome!!!
Lash Trainer course
I just completed the lash trainer program with Designer lash with Anna I am so excited to start my new journey as an educator and implement its program to future lash artist.
Photo class student
Hi! I recently took a five-week mentorship on brand building and photography with and I’m here to share my experience. So for five weesk I met with Anna via zoom I learned all about how I can build a brand which I knew nothing about. I didn’t really have a style or theme to my brand. So I learned how to create that using colors, using fans, and how to incorporate colors into photoshoots that I could have my models with my clients so that I could really make a beautiful aesthetic on my social media networking page. I learned so much about the brand building and photography in this class. I learned a lot about lighting, I didn’t know how much lighting could really change a photo and Anna took the time to buy several ring lights. She tested those ring lights and brought that information to our classes so that we could buy the best ring light for our studio and really help with our lighting. If you are looking to build your brand and to really create a beautiful social networking platform, I really recommend this class
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